Mr. Bus Driver Man Sir and Her
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                 Real Music for Kids That Is Also Adored by Adults  
About Mr. Bus Driver Man Sir and Her

Every morning during the school year since 1998, Jimmy Joe Natoli has gotten up in the wee hours, climbed onto a big yellow bus, and started picking up the children for school. For years he’s been telling silly stories, sharing wacky jokes, and writing impromptu songs with the kids. Past riders seek him out at his weekly farmers market gig to request old favorite songs or share stories of his musical influence on their lives. Parents of current riders adore him. Everyone agrees that they wish they had a bus driver just like him. And while it’s not possible to fit that many people on one bus, it IS possible to spread his delightful humor and joy through the songs on "Playing in the Dirt"!

Jimmy Joe and his wife Chrissie call themselves “Mr Bus Driver Man Sir and Her” when they are playing children’s music. Jimmy Joe explains the long name in his adorable and entertaining blog, School Bus News: “When I was a child we called adults Mr. Smith or Ms. Jones, etc. Somewhere along the way it became customary to call adults Mr. Frank or Mrs. Jenny. I liked the lack of total formality in the new naming system so I decided to have the kids call me Mr. Jimmy Joe. Some did but most still called me Bus Driver. Finally I’d had it with being called Bus Driver. I said, “My name is Mr. Jimmy Joe. You may call me Mr. Jimmy Joe. If you can’t get past calling me Bus Driver then you MUST call me Mr. Bus Driver Man Sir!” It was sort of meant to be a joke but kids took to it. Some call me Mr. Jimmy Joe but more call me Mr. Bus Driver Man Sir. Two little girls on my current route, being either creative or confused, call me Mr. Jimmy Joe Man Sir. I like that one. I still refuse to answer to Bus Driver.”

This children’s album of Jimmy Joe’s songs (and a few of Chrissie’s, too) is a realized dream of seven years and the result of a successful crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign. It features outstanding instrumentation by outstanding Austin musicians, a variety of styles from folk to Cajun to Island, and clever lyrics. The songs have been vetted and loved by children on the bus, and the album is adored by adults and children alike!

To learn more about Jimmy Joe and Chrissie and their musical history and adventures, and to hear their songs about love, life and cars, visit them at the website for their alter ego, "The Better Halves."